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Firstly Happy New Year to all the beautiful mamas who have joined my community, I hope your pregnancy is being kind to you or alternatively, I hope you have had a wonderful birthing experience.

Here I sit in the lodge, watching my family ski while contemplating the year that has been! Nothing like a family holiday in the mountains and a hit to the head by a T-bar (teaching my son how to use a T-Bar and forgot the important part of “letting go”) …

But, I have enjoyed this first day of 2019 reflecting…

Each year we learn many lessons, along with the fun times and the mundane times, we grow and change. I find that it is usually one biggie that speaks the loudest.

2018 was a year of facing my fears, putting myself out there, and working hard to bring my vision of The Mindful Mama Co. to my local community and to anyone who needs a bit of inspiration in their birthing and parenting journey. This fear of trying something new was also intertwined with discovering my creative side. I have discovered that the two go hand in hand and this discovery was my favourite lesson from 2018.

But once again, what happened in this process was that loss of self nurture which I find so easy to lose sight of when I’m “on a mission” to create something big!

After the exhausting task of raising my babies from birth to Prep (Kindy) I had found that little place inside myself in 2017, and this was the inspiration behind my vision of helping other mums to do the same!

In all the hard work, becoming a business owner, I managed to nurture my family, my mind, my work and my creative self, but my physical self got left behind. 2 awesome days of skiing made me realise how physical exercise can hurt just like self awareness can hurt. Why does it hurt? Because I have realised that I am not where I want to be, what matters most is living a HEALTHY and mindful life, once cannot exist without the other. This is my lesson and what I will be working towards in 2019, taking more care of my physical body….

What lesson was the biggest for you in 2018 and how are you going to learn from it?