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This is for the DEVOTED DADS who support the mindful mamas. If all the dads in the world could show their kids how to be kind, imagine the impact. Happy Father’s Day!

Mindfulness in kids can start with getting in touch with their more sensitive side. As parents we can start by teaching them the importance of kindness. Learning to share toys with their friends, being gentle with pets and encouraging lots of cuddles are great ways to learn kindness. You could also read stories that focus on inspirational people in history who encouraged kindness and equality. Discuss the Diary of Anne Frank and her famous quote “despite everything I still believe people are of good heart” or how Martin Luther King, Jr., lead peaceful and powerful demonstrations to support civil rights. Look for opportunities to develop positive role models in their own life and make time for close relatives. Once every couple year try and get involved with a volunteer program, like a day in a soup kitchen or taking part in Clean Up Australia Day. Celebrating compassion and love can make a young kid feel better, even when nothing is wrong.