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As a midwife, it is very important to tune into our instincts and connect with the women whom we support. It feels like a profession that can still exist alongside the more scientific medical model while still tapping into and respecting our natural instincts. It may be the primal element of birth that somehow allows us to tap into this world.

Sometimes it feels like our society not only denies our instincts but also often discourages it. We are so fixated on only believing in things that we can see and touch that our instincts are not nurtured in the material world. We need to prove or measure something to make it real; relying on instinct is not something our society teaches us to do.

Not only is instinct essential to giving birth, but also it is important to recognize it in our mothering. If we don’t start to change as mothers and teach our children a different way, then we will continue to spiral into this anxious, stressed out state of mind and trap our children in the chaos of its existence.

Instinct works for mothers, it is powerful and knowing and at the core of who we are. It is very easy to tune out of theses instincts, as the material world is full of distractions. Once we start to meditate daily and understand the relaxed state of mind that we are tapping into, we will become more aware of our instincts and it is easier not be aware of “tuning out”

L. McPherson (The Intuitive Mother) describes the  “tuned in” mother as a mother who looks like everyone else, but when you see her in action, there is a qualitative difference. She has a sense of calm and control and seems to know what to do for her children without really thinking. With the calmness comes confidence and courage to do what is needed. She is not superhuman but she is relying on superhuman powers within her.  INSTINCT!