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Eating mindfully may seem simple, but due to our current state of “rushing” it seems we are “rushing” our meals to get to the next thing! Once we slow our eating down, we become more mindful of the flavour and texture of our food and how long it really can take to fully chew our food before we swallow it.

This exercise could be particularly helpful for those pregnant women who suffer from indigestion and heartburn, or reflux…

So, try this out… Take one square of chocolate, or, a healthy alternative use a raisin. Put it in your mouth, close your eyes and chew it very slowly, taking in the smell, the texture, the flavour and really think about what you are doing. Try and take as long as you can to chew it before you swallow it.

Now, if you can listen to your body in this way every time you eat anything, you would soon become conscious of overeating or eating too fast!