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Hydrotherapy for babies, newborn to 9 months, is a relatively new concept developed by Laura Sevenus in 2005.

She pioneered the technique after spending 40 years providing safe and beneficial water-based environments to babies in South Africa.

Hydrotherapy supports mental and physical development and improves a baby’s ability to move their bodies with control.

This helps them to develop their motor skills for dry land!

From an emotional perspective, the magnesium in the water can help sooth their immature nervous system, which for an unsettled baby can only be a good thing, right?

As your baby kicks and moves in the water, the gentle resistance the water provides, can help improve their balance, strengthen their muscles and relax the gastrointestinal system. The sensations of floating in warm water puts babies at ease, and as you can see from many instagram video’s almost puts them to sleep.

We are lucky on the Gold Coast to have our very own hydrotherapy centre, My Baby Bubble Spa, is owned by health professionals, who are inspired by the benefits of hydrotherapy and aim to support mums and bubs. As health professionals they have a code of ethics and professional conduct to abide by, allowing them to bring this this therapy to families. It is reassuring to know they are working within their scope of practice to make sure your babies are always safe.

I came across this therapy when researching methods such as baby massage, as I needed more effective solutions for managing breastfeeding problems in “unsettled” newborns. I am always trying to find the latest research and therapies that will help babies and mothers to establish breastfeeding, particularly in the irritable baby. I

have become an infant touch educator to help support these mums in my lactation business. My theory that a relaxed baby will have less issues with their LATCH, enabling mums to produce more milk appears to be true, as I am having great results with my clients who spend time practising daily massage with their baby’s. I see the hydrotherapy as a great compliment to the massage.

I will be hosting FREE workshops and PRIVATE LACTATION CONSULTATIONS ($97.00/HR) at My Baby Bubble Spa, come down and check out the magic of water! https://mybabybubblespa.com.au