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The research shows us that 10% of pregnant women suffer from “intense” fear around childbirth. A large portion of the population suffer from stress, not just around their birth but in everyday life, and this can affect the next 9 months of  your pregnancy. You may be on different spectrum of the “stress and fear” scale, but at some point, in your pregnancy  you may feel some type of external stress or internal anxiety. We need to start by being honest with ourselves about the levels of fear we are facing and therefore what approach you need to take. Is it fear that you and your partner can work  out together, or is it a deep-rooted fear that causes you anxiety? Asking yourself the questions and writing down the  answers is the first step to acknowledging what you are fearful of; it may be very simple or more complex. “Do you trust your body?”

“Are you worried that your partner won’t be able to handle the birth?” “Do you listen to and take on other women’s
scary stories about their birth experiences?” “Do you hate feeling out of control?” “Is there a medical condition that
you are worried about?” “Have you suffered a miscarriage in the past?” “Have you ever suffered any form of abuse in the past?” There are so many questions you can sit down and reflect on, which will give you perspective on what type of therapy you may need moving forward. You may be satisfied with daily mindfulness practice; you may like to exercise to reduce stress, walk the dog, or join a support group. Or you may want to consider acupuncture, hypnotherapy or even see a psychologist and explore some behavioral therapy. It is important to be mindful of the effect stress has on your pregnancy so that you can work towards having a relaxing nine months.