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Your baby is born with the inherent knowledge that they will ever need to develop in whichever environment they are born into.
The urgent task for a baby in those first 18 months is to put together the parts of the brain that will help them to flourish in their environment.
For example; if an environment is a negative one, where one had to fight for survival, they would learn how to cope best for this environment in order to flourish and survive. Who knows what these skills would look like, but I would hate to imagine.
But, let’s say they were born into an environment which involved loving touch, and they were linking positive sensations with their environment.
Then they would think this was necessary for their survival and provide a reaction that enabled this loving touch to continue.
Does that make sense?
In order for babies to become well-adjusted, kind, empathic adults, they need a lot of attention, affection, and response to their needs.
Learning baby massage will give you the skills to help soothe their little nervous systems, helping them to relax along the way. Therefore setting up this positive environment.
Infant massage is an ancient art that connects you deeply with the person who is your baby, and helps you to read their cues, behaviours, and respond with love and respectful listening.
Learning to massage your baby will help you to become the expert on your baby, instead of seeking out an expert to tell you about your baby.
It will help you to respond to your baby’s unique needs and empower you as the parent.
Your connection to your baby is formed in those early years, and you are the one who is responsible for creating a loving environment for them to flourish.
I cannot say enough about my “Baby in Mind” Infant Touch Programme, I love teaching parents to learn the ancient art of touch!
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